About Me

I’m Daniel Kim, a video game designer with a proficiency in level design and 3D art. I have a background in architecture, film, and fine arts – which gives me a strong foundation to work in a multidisciplinary field such as interactive entertainment. I enjoy tinkering and building my own projects, either as experiments or commercial products intended for a niche consumer audience.

I’ve shipped multiple first-person themed games on Steam and participated in numerous game jams with local developers around Austin, TX. As a result, I’m extremely familiar with every facet of game development, making me a well-rounded generalist game developer. In addition, I am the author of several published online courses covering a range of 3D art topics where I share my knowledge of game art.


Email: danielkim.designer@gmail.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/danielkimdesign

Credited Games

  • Critical Mess
  • Deadweight
  • Don’t Let It Die
  • Super Scooter

Skill and Proficiencies

Software: Unity 3D, Maya, Mudbox, Blender, Sketchup, Adobe CC, Davinci Resolve, GIMP, Substance Painter, Topogun

Design: Blockmesh layout, encounter/combat design, gameplay scripting, rapid prototyping, UI design, sound design

Art: Drawing/sketching, 3D modeling, Character Art, 3D rigging/animation, PBR texturing, 2D/3D concept art, photography, film VFX/editing

Working Knowledge: UE4/Blueprints, C#