About Me

I’m Daniel Kim, a game designer with a proficiency in level design and 3D art. I have a background in architecture, film, and fine arts – which gives me a strong foundation to work in a multidisciplinary field like interactive entertainment and other visual mediums. When I’m not collaborating in large-scale team efforts on AAA projects, I enjoy tinkering and building my own projects – either as personal experiments or niche commercial products.

I’ve shipped multiple first-person style games on Steam and continue to prototype new games. This makes me an effective developer who is familiar with and appreciates the work that goes into every facet of game development and art production. I am also the author of several published online courses covering a range of art and design topics on various online learning platforms. It’s a pleasure to mentor students on their own journey to a game development career.


Email: danielkim.designer@gmail.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/danielkimdesign

Skill and Proficiencies

Game Design, Level Design, Prototyping, Scripting

3D Art, High Poly, Low Poly, PBR Texturing

2D Art, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design

Software and Tools

Unity, Unreal Engine 5, Blueprints

Maya, Blender, Adobe Suite, Substance Suite

Topogun, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, C#