Critical Mess

I scripted a simple game design loop of shoveling garbage down a hole while earning points to buy power-ups. Multiple levels were designed using a modular layout kit. I set up the player controls and HUD, created art assets, sound effects, and music. This is a small title that launched on Steam. The project took 2 months from prototype to ship.


I scripted a wave shooter in Unity where the player survives as long as possible against 3 variations of enemies by shooting them and setting up turrets or traps. Built a variety of layouts inside the same basic stage. Created all the necessary art, VFX (gunfire, explosions, sparks, blood, etc.), and audio for the game as well. Released on Steam for PC and Mac.

Level Design

A medium-sized first-person level graybox set within a sci-fi setting. Fleshed out with basic lighting, scripting, and vfx. Geometry modeled in Maya and running in Unity. Took about 4 days to put together. Designed with an emphasis on verticality and alternate routes.


I worked as a level designer on Republique for the iOS/Android version, which was later ported for the PC and PS4. My tasks included scripting AI encounters and designing the layout/flow for all levels in the first 2 out of 5 episodes and prototyping and iterating on world maps across all 5 episodes. I also assisted the art team by creating 3D props.

3D Art

These images were created using Maya. After assigning materials and some rough textures (generated using either Photoshop or Substance Painter), I lit the scenes and rendered them out in various passes using the built-in Arnold renderer. Then I composited and enhanced the renders in Photoshop for added detail and final look.

Character Art

I modeled the following construction worker character in Maya, sculpted in Mudbox, and textured with Photoshop. Finally, the images were rendered out of Maya’s real-time hardware renderer to mimic how it would display inside a game engine.

3D Props

I modeled and uv mapped these assets in Maya, textured the shipping container with Photoshop and the turret in Substance Painter, and grabbed screens from Unity where I set up the models, materials, background, and lighting.